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Pediatric Dentist Rochester

For Parents


Before the First Visit
Please discuss the positive aspects of dentistry with your child.  You can explain that Dr. Aslani-Breit will count and take pictures of his/her teeth.  Please do not tell your child that the dentist “will not hurt” as this may never have entered his/her mind.  Instead, you may wish to assure your child that we will be gentle and friendly.  Also, please avoid using the words needle, shot, pull, or any other words suggesting unpleasantness.  Expect your child to react well and enjoy their visits to our office and chances are he/she will do exactly that

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The First Visit                                                                           
The dentist will review with you the health history of your child.  We invite you to accompany your child into the treatment area.  Dr. Aslani-Breit will perform a head and neck examination, evaluate the health of the teeth and gums, evaluate your child’s bite, and then she will discuss the findings and treatment recommendations with you.  Dental radiographs are taken only if they are necessary in order to determine your child’s present dental condition.  Your child’s teeth will be cleaned and fluoride will be applied, if needed.  Any additional services will be scheduled for a later visit.

Required Office Forms

Privacy Statement

For the Kids

Is your child nervous to see the dentist? Below are some fun coloring pages for your child to show off their coloring skills. Dr. Aslani-Breit would love to see them!

Feel free to print these pages

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